Winter weather table

2d6 result:
Cold Winds

The fans are shivering in the stands as a viciously cold wind blows steadily down the pitch. Apply a -1 modifier every time a player tests against their Passing Ability. Players also find it harder to get motivated and get back on the pitch. Additionally, during Step 2 of the End of Drive sequence, apply a -1 modifier when rolling to see if any player in the Knockedout box recovers.

2d6 result:

A sudden cold snap turns the ground as hard as granite (and not the ‘astro’ variety that players are used to). When a player Falls Over or is Knocked Down, the coach of the opposing team must apply a +1 modifier when making an Armour roll against them.

2d6 result:
Perfect Conditions (well, almost)

It’s rather chilly and it’s threatening to rain (or snow), but considering the time of year, the conditions are almost perfect for Blood Bowl.

2d6 result:
Heavy Snow

The snow is several feet deep, making it very difficult indeed to run up and punch someone! When a player performs a Block action as part of a Blitz action (but not on its own), their Strength characteristic is reduced by 1 when comparing their Strength against the Strength of the target of the Block action.

2d6 result:

Freezing conditions and heavy falls of snow make the footing treacherous. Apply a -1 modifier every time a player attempts to Rush an extra square. Additionally, the poor visibility means that only Quick and Short passes can be attempted.