Primordial weather table

2d6 result:
Praise the Sun Gods

The sun beats down upon the jungle canopy, turning the air below into a furnace and turning the ground to rock! If a player Falls Over whilst Rushing, apply a +1 modifier to the Armour roll. Additionally, apply all of the Heat Wave weather condition rules as well.

2d6 result:
Heat Wave

A glorious day, but as the heat begins to rise, it becomes harder for players to push themselves. Apply a -1 modifier every time a player attempts to Rush an extra square. Players also find it harder to get motivated and get back on the pitch. Additionally, during Step 2 of the End of Drive sequence, apply a -1 modifier when rolling to see if any player in the Knockedout box recovers.

2d6 result:
Perfect Conditions (well, almost)

It’s muggy and the mosquitos are out, but otherwise it’s perfect Blood Bowl weather.

2d6 result:
Jungle Showers

It’s raining those big, fat jungle raindrops, making the ball slippery and difficult to hold. Apply a -1 modifier every time a player makes an Agility test to pick up or catch the ball, or whenever a player attempts to interfere with a pass.

2d6 result:
Tropical Monsoon

Sheets of rain pour through the tree canopy creating a wall of water, the ground becomes boggy and visibility is severely reduced. While the monsoon persists, only Quick pass or Short pass actions can be attempted and the number of squares a player can attempt to Rush is reduced by one (to a minimum of 1).