Classic weather table

2d6 result:
Sweltering Heat

Some players faint in the unbearable heat! D3 randomly selected players from each team that are on the pitch whena a drive ends are placed in the Reserves box. They must miss the next drive

Q: When the Sweltering Heat result is rolled on the Weather table, is a single D3 rolled to determine the number of players from each team affected, or do both coaches roll a separate D3? (p.37)
A: A single D3 is rolled and the same result is applied to each team.

2d6 result:
Very Sunny

A gloriuos day, but the clear skies and bright sunlight interfere with the passing game! Apply -1 modifier every time a player tests against their passing Ability

2d6 result:
Perfect Conditions

Neither to o cold nor too hot. A warm, dry and slightly overcast day provides perfect conditions to Blood Bowl.

2d6 result:
Pouring Rain

A torrential downpour leaves te players soaked and the ball very slippery! Apply a -1 modifier every time a player makes an Agility test to catch or pick-up the ball, or to attempt to interfere with a pass.

2d6 result:

Freezing conditions and heavy falls of snow make the footing treacherous. Apply a -1 modifier every time a player attempts to Rush an extra square. Additionally, the poor visibility means that only Quick and Short passes can be attempted.