Desert weather table

2d6 result:
Sweltering Heat

Some players faint in the unbearable heat! D3 randomly selected players from each team that are on the pitch when a drive ends are placed in the Reserves box. They must miss the next drive.

2d6 result:
Verry Sunny

A glorious day, but the clear skies and bright sunlight interfere with the passing game! Apply a -1 modifier every time a player tests against their Passing Ability.

2d6 result:
Perfect Conditions (well, almost)

It’s still hot, but it is bearable! Hot and dry but with a sufficient breeze to take the edge off makes for ideal Blood Bowl conditions.

2d6 result:
Strong Winds

If it wasn’t for the winds, it would be a lovely day. The ball does not deviate normally. Instead, after placing the kick, the coach of the kicking team rolls a D8 to determine the direction in which the wind is blowing:

  • 1-2 Towards the kicking team’s End Zone.
  • 3-4 Towards the receiving team’s End Zone.
  • 5-6 Towards the Sideline to the left of the kicking team.
  • 7-8 Towards the Sideline to the right of the kicking team.

Next, place the Throw-in template over the square in which the kick was placed, with the central arrow (3-4) pointing in the direction in which the wind is blowing. The kick then deviates in a direction determined by rolling a D6 and referring to the Throw-in template. Additionally, the number of squares the ball moves is determined by rolling a D8, rather than a D6.

2d6 result:

The shifting sands have been stirred up into a violent sandstorm and visibility is severely affected. Whilst this weather condition is in effect, no Pass actions or Throw Team-mate actions can be performed, and no player can attempt to Rush. Additionally, the referee has retreated indoors and isn’t bothering to even pretend they’re keeping an eye on the action! Whilst this weather condition is in effect, players cannot be Sent-off for committing a Foul, even if they roll a natural double on either the Armour roll or the Injury roll.