Spring weather table

2d6 result:
Morning Dew

The pitch is dew-covered from the cold of night, making everything a little slippery. Apply a -1 modifier every time a player attempts to Rush an extra square. Additionally, apply a -1 modifier every time a player makes an Agility test to pick up the ball.

2d6 result:
Blossoming Flowers

The flowers are blooming, the tree sap is pumping and the pollen count is high, forcing the hay fever-afflicted referee to seek shelter indoors. Whilst this weather condition is in effect, players cannot be Sent-off for committing a Foul, even if they roll a natural double on either the Armour roll or the Injury roll.

2d6 result:
Perfect Conditions (well, almost)

It’s not quite warm but then again, it’s not quite cold – ideal weather for a game of Blood Bowl!

2d6 result:
Misty Morning

A haze of thick mist has descended upon the pitch, greatly reducing visibility. Players can move only a maximum of six squares, although they may still Rush as normal. Additionally, only Quick and Short pass actions can be performed

2d6 result:
High Winds

The winds are whistling through the stadium and the players can barely hear each other. Roll a D6 each time a player on your team wishes to use a team re-roll. On a roll of 2+, you may use a team re-roll as normal. On a 1, a team re-roll cannot be used.