When a both down result is applied during a Block action, this player may choose to ignore it and not be knocked Down, as described on page 57.
When this player performs a Block action (on its own or as part of a Blitzaction), if the nominated target has a higher strength characteristic than this player before counting offensive or defensive assists but after applying any other modifiers, roll a D6 and add this player's strength characteristic to the result. If the total is higher than the target's strength characteristic, this player increases their strength characteristic to be equal to that of the target of the Block action, before counting offensive or defensive assists, for the duration of this Block action. If this player has another Skill that allows them to perform more than one Block action, such as Frenzy, they must make a Dauntless roll before each separate Block action is performed.

Q: When a player with the Dauntless skill declares a Block action, can they choose to not perform the Block action if they do not roll the desired result for the Dauntless skill? (p.76)
A: No, they must still perform the Block action.

Dirty Player (+1)
When this player commits a Foul action, either the Armour roll or the injury roll made against the victim may be modified by the amount shown in brackets. This modifier may be applied after the roll has been made.
If this player is pushed back as the result of any block dice result being applied against them, they may choose to prevent the player that pushed them back from following-up. However, the player that pushed them back may continue to move as part of a Blitz action if they have Movement Allowance remaining or by Rushing. The skill cannot be used when this player is chain-pushed, against a player with Ball and Chain trait or against a player with the Juggernaut skill that performed the Block action as part of a Blitz.
Every time this player performs a Block action (on its own or as part of a Blitz action), they must follow-up if the target is pushed back and if they are able. If the target is still Standing after being pushed back, and if this player was able to follow-up, this player must then perform a second block action against the same target, again following-up if the target is pushed back. If this player performing a Blitz action, performing a second Block action will also cost them one square of their Movement Allowance. If this player has no Movement Allowance left to perform a second Block action, they must Rush to do so. If they cannot Rush, they cannot perform a second Block action. Note that if an opposition player in possession of the ball is pushed back into your End Zone and is still standing, a touchdown will be scored, ending the drive. In this case, the second Block action is not performed. A player with this skill cannot also have Grab skill.

Q: If a player with the Frenzy skill performs a Block action against a Rooted player and rolls a Push Back, does the player with Frenzy still get to perform a second Block even though the Rooted player cannot be pushed back? (p.77 & 87)
A: Yes.

If this player is nominated to be the kicking player during a kick-off, you may choose to halve the result of the D6 to determine the number of squares that the ball deviates, rounding any fractions down.
Portal Navigator
When this player teleports using a Portal, they may re-roll the D6 to determine which Portal they teleport to.
During their activation, this player may attempt to re-roll one dice. This dice may have been rolled either as a single dice roll, as part of a multiple dice roll or as part of a dice pool, but cannot be a dice that was rolled as part of an Armour, Injury or Casualty roll. Roll a D6:
- On a roll of 3+, the dice can be re-rolled.
- On a roll of 1 or 2, the dice cannot be re-rolled.
Once this player has attempted to use this Skill, they may not use a re-roll from any other source to re-roll this one dice.

Q: Can a player with the Pro skill use the re-roll outside of their activation – for example, to Catch or Intercept the ball? (p.77)
A: No. The Pro skill can only be used during that player’s activation.

Q: If a player has both the Pro and Brawler skills, can they re-roll a single Both Down result for the Brawler skill, and then use the Pro skill to attempt to re-roll another dice from the same dice pool? (p.77 & 80)
A: Yes, so long as the same dice isn’t re-rolled more than once.

Q: A player with both the Pro skill and Brawler skill performs Block, rolls two Block Dice and rolls Both Down on both dice, can the controlling coach choose to use Brawler on one of the dice, and then subsequently attempt to use Pro on the other dice that has not yet been rerolled? (p.77 & 80)
A: Yes, so long as the same dice is not re-rolled more than once.

This player can use this Skill when an opposition player they are Marking voluntarily moves out of a square within this player's Tackle Zone. Roll a D6, adding the MA of this player to the roll and then subtracting the MA of the opposition player. If the result is 6 or higher, or if the roll is a natural 6, this player may immediately move into the square vacated by the opposition player (this player does not need to Dodge to make this move). If, however, the result is 5 or lower, or if the roll is a natural 1, this skill has no further effect. A player may use this skill any number of times per turn, during either team's turn, If an opposition player is being Marked by more than one player with this Skill, only one player may use it.

Q: If a player attempts to Dodge away from a player with the Shadowing skill, which roll happens first: the Dodge roll or the roll for Shadowing? (p.77)
A: The Dodge roll will happen first, and once the Dodge has been resolved the opposing player may roll for Shadowing if they wish.

Strip Ball
When this player targets an opposition player that is in possession of the ball with a Block action (on its own or as part of a Blitz action), choosing to apply a Push Back result will cause that player to drop the ball in the square they are pushed back into. The ball will bounce from the square the player is pushed back into, as if they had been Knocked Down.

Q: If a player with the Strip Ball skill rolls a Push Back result against a player who is holding the ball, and that player is pushed into the End Zone, do they score a touchdown as described on page 64? (p.77)
A: No.

Sure Hands
This player may re-roll any failed attempt to pick up the ball. In addition, the Strip Ball skill cannot be used against a player with this Skill.
When an active opposition player attempts to Dodge from a square in which they were being Marked by one or more players on your team with this Skill, that player cannot use the Dodge skill. Additionally, when an opposition player is targeted by a Block action performed by a player with this Skill, that player cannot use the Dodge skill if a Stumble result is applied against them.
This player may use this Skill when a Both Down result is applied, either when they perform a Block action or when they are the target of a Block action. Instead of applying the Both Down result as normal, and regardless of any other Skills either player may possess, both players are placed Prone.