This player may reroll a failed Agility test when attempting to catch the ball.
Diving Catch
This player may attempt to catch the ball if a pass, throw-in or kick-off causes it to land in a square within their tackle Zone after scattering or deviating. This skill does not allow this player to attempt to catch the ball if it bounces into a square within their Tackle Zone.
Additionally, this player may apply a +1 modifier to any attempt to catch an accurate pass if they occupy the target square.
Diving Tackle
Should an active opposition player that is attempting to Dodge, Jump or Leap in order to vacate a square in which they are being Marked by this player will use this Skill, Your opponent must immediate subtract 2 from the result of the Agility test. This player s placed Prone in the square vacated by the opposition player. If the opposition player was being marked by more than one player with this Skill, only one player may use it.
Once per turn, during their activation, this player may re-roll a failed Agility test when attempting to Dodge. Additionally, this player may choose to use this Skill when they are the target of a Block action and a Stumble result is applied against them, as described on page 57.
During your opponent's team turn (but not during your own team), any opposition player being marked by this player cannot use the guard skill.
Jump Up
If this player is Prone they may stand up for free (i.e. standing up does not cost this player three (3) squares of their Movement Allowance, as it normally would). Additionally, if this player is Prone when activated, they may attempt to Jump Up and perform a Block action. This player makes an Agility test, applying a +1 modifier, if this test is passed, they stand up and may perform a Block action. If the test failed, they remain Prone and their activation ends.
During their movement, instead of jumping over a single square that is occupied by a Prone or Stunned player, as described on page 45, a player with this skill may choose to Leap over any single adjacent square, including unoccupied squares and squares occupied by standing players. Additionally, this player may reduce any negative modifier applied to the Agility test when they attempt to Jump over a Prone or Stunned player, or to Leap over an empty square or a square occupied by a standing player by 1, to a minimum of +1. A player with this skill cannot also have the Pogo Stick trait.
Safe Pair of Hands
If this player is Knocked Down or Placed Prone (but not it they Fall Over) whilst in possession of the ball, the ball does not bounce. Instead, you may place the ball in an unoccupied square adjacent to the one this player occupies when they become Prone.
If this player is pushed back for any reason, they are not moved into a square chosen by the opposing coach. Instead you may choose any unoccupied square adjacent to this player. This player is pushed back into that square instead. If there are no unoccupied squares adjacent to this player, this skill cannot be used.
Sneaky Git
When this player performs a Foul action, they are not Sent-Off for committing a Foul should they roll a natural double on armour roll. Additionally, the activation of this player does not have to end once the Foul have been committed. If you wish and this player has not used their full Movement Allowance, they may continue to move after committing the Foul.
when this player performs any action that includes movement, they may attempt to Rush three times, rather than the usual two.
Sure Feet
Once per team turn, during their activation, this player may re-roll the D6 when attempting to Rush.