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Game Sequence:

Pre-Match Actions:

1. WEATHER Each player rolls a D6, add results and check the Weather Table.
2. FANS Each player rolls a D3 and adds their Dedicated Fans. This is recorded as the Fan Factor (FF).
Add together the Fan Factor of both teams to determine the Fan Attendance (FA)
3. JOURNEYMAN If a team cannot field 11 players for a league game, the team temporarily takes on a number of Journeyman players.
4. INDUCEMENTS Both coaches decide if they will purchase any Inducements for the game ahead, paid for from a team's Treasury, from 'Petty Cash', or both.
5. PRAYERS TO NUFFLE If one team now has a lower CTV than the other, it may be able to roll on the Prayers to Nuffle table once for every full 50k GP of difference in CTV.
6. DETERMINE KICKING TEAM A coin is flipped or dice are rolled (2d6 each, higher result wins) to determine which team will decide to Kick or Receive the Ball.

Post-Match Actions:

1. WINNINGS Each team receives a fee for playing,
(FA/2 + Team TD)*10k = Results
2. UPDATE DEDICATED FANS If your team won, Roll a D6. If result is equal to or higher than your current Dedicated Fans, increase your number of Dedicated Fans by 1.
If your team lost, Roll a D6. If result is less than your current Dedicated Fans, decrease your number of Dedicated Fans by 1.
If the game was a draw, neither team’s Dedicated Fans change.
3. PLAYER ADVANCEMENT Any players that have earned enough SPP may spend them on advancements, check Advancements Table.
4. HIRING, FIRING AND TEMPORARILY RETIRING New players and staff are recruited. Injured players may be dismissed or may temporarily retire. Any unwanted staff may be dismissed.
5. EXPENSIVE MISTAKES If you have 100,000 GP or more in your TREASURY, Roll a D6 and apply the result from the Expensive Mistakes Table.

Useful Tables:

Casualty Table:

1-6 Badly Hurt The player misses the rest of this game, but suffers no long term effect
7-9 Seriously Hurt MNG
10-12 Serious Injury NI (+1 per NI, on this table, for future rolls) and MNG
13-14 Lasting Injury Characteristic reduction (1-2 -1AV, 3 -1MA, 4 -1PA, 5 -1AG, 6 -1ST) and MNG
15-16 DEAD This player is far too dead to Play Blood Bowl!

Throw Team-mate Table:

D6 test result (modified*) Throw
natural 6 SUPERB
natural 1 FUMBLE
* For each enemy tackle zone count a -1 modifier. if is a Quick Throw (3 squares) add +0, else subtract -1 on a Short Throw.
Throw Quality Landing AG Modifier*
SUPERB Scatter (D8,D8,D8)
from landing square
SUCCESSFUL Scatter (D8,D8,D8)
from landing square
TERRIBLE Deviate (D6+D8)
from throwing square
from throwing square
KICK FUMBLE kicked player is removed from pitch.
Roll on injury table and treat "Stunned" as a "KO"
* For each enemy tackle zone count a -1 modifier.

Will a player with

PA and a modifier of

throw a Team-mate?

PA D6 Roll Mod. Result Throw Quality
6 natural 6 SUPERB
1 natural 1 FUMBLE

Passing Table:

D6 test result (modified*) Throw Landing
natural 6, >= PA ACCURATE Lands
in target square
< PA, but >1 INACCURATE Scatter (D8,D8,D8)
from target square
<= 1 WILDLY INACCURATE Deviate (D6+D8)
from throwing square
natural 1, PA = '-' FUMBLED Bounce (D8)
from throwing square,
* Modifiers:
Quick pass: 0, Short pass: -1, Long pass: -2, Long Bomb: -3.
For each enemy tackle zone add an additional -1.
Throw Quality AG Deflection Modifier
Note: Apply an additional -1 modifier if the player is being Marked.

Will a player with

PA and a modifier of

complete a Pass Action?

PA D6 Roll Mod. Result Pass Quality
6 natural 6 ACCURATE
1 natural 1 FUMBLE

Advancements Table:

Level Random Primary Choose Primary,
Random Secondary
Choose Secondary Random Characteristic,
Choosen Secondary*
1st 3 SPP 6 SPP 12 SPP 18 SPP
2nd 4 SPP 8 SPP 14 SPP 20 SPP
3rd 6 SPP 12 SPP 18 SPP 24 SPP
4th 8 SPP 16 SPP 22 SPP 28 SPP
5th 10 SPP 20 SPP 26 SPP 32 SPP
6th 15 SPP 30 SPP 40 SPP 50 SPP
*If a Characteristic is skipped you can choose a Secondary skill, but SPP are spent as for a Random Characteristic advancement.

Expensive Mistakes Table:

Treasury Crisis Averted Minor Incident Major Incident Catastrophe
100-195k GP 2-6 1 - -
200-295k GP 3-6 1-2 - -
300-395k GP 4-6 2-3 1 -
400-495k GP 5-6 3-4 1-2 -
500-595k GP 6 4-5 2-3 1
600k+ GP - 5-6 3-4 1-2
  • Crisis Averted: No effect.
  • Minor Incident: You lose D3 x 10k GP from your TREASURY.
  • Major Incident: Half the gold in your TREASURY (rounding down to the nearest 5k GP) is lost.
  • Catastrophe: Your TREASURY is emptied, except for 2D6 x 10k GP.

Current Value Increase Table:

New Skills Value Increase
Random Primary +10k
Choosen Primary +20k
Random Secondary +20k
Choosen Secondary +40k
+1 AV +10k
+1 MA or +1 PA +20k
+1 AG +40k
+1 ST +80k

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Current Release Notes
REV 7.3 - 03 June 2024

  • Update FaQ's "commentary May 2024" to errata version link.
  • DB21 - added Spike 17 content (College of Shadwows)
  • BB20 - Horatio X. Schottenheim, Master Mage cost updated, thank you guys for your feedback <3!

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