The player may add 1 to the D6 roll when he passes.
This skill allows the player to make a Quick Pass when an opponent declares that he will throw a block at him, allowing the player to get rid of the ball before he is hit. Work out the Dump-Off pass before the opponent makes his block. The normal throwing rules apply, except that neither team's turn ends as a result of the throw, whatever it may be. After the throw is worked out your opponent completes the block, and then carries on with his turn. Dump-Off may not be used on the second block from an opponent with the Frenzy skill or in conjunction with the Bombardier or Throw Team-Mate skills.
Hail Mary Pass
The player may throw the ball to any square on the playing pitch, no matter what the range: the range ruler is not used. Roll a D6. On a roll of 1 the player fumbles the throw, and the ball will bounce once from the thrower's square. On a roll of 2-6 the player may make the pass. The Hail Mary pass may not be intercepted, but it is never accurate – the ball automatically misses and scatters three squares. Note that if you are lucky, the ball will scatter back into the target square! This skill may not be used in a blizzard or with the Throw Team-Mate skill.
The player is a natural leader and commands the rest of the team from the back -field as he prepares to throw the ball. A team with one or more players with the Leader skill may take a single Leader Re-roll counter and add it to their team re-rolls at the start of the game and at half time after any Master Chef rolls. The Leader re-roll is used exactly the same in every way as a normal Team re-roll with all the same restrictions. In addition, the Leader re-roll may only be used so long as at least one player with the Leader skill is on the pitch - even if they are Prone or Stunned! Re-rolls from Leader may be carried over into Overtime if not used, but the team does not receive a new Leader re-roll at the start of Overtime.
Nerves of Steel
The player ignores modifiers for enemy tackle zones when he attempts to pass, catch or intercept.
A player with the Pass skill is allowed to re-roll the D6 if he throws an inaccurate pass or fumbles.
Safe Throw
This player is an expert at throwing the ball in a way so as to make it even more difficult for any opponent to intercept it. If a pass made by this player is ever intercepted then the Safe Throw player may make an unmodified Agility roll. If this is successful then the interception is cancelled out and the passing sequence continues as normal. In addition if this player fumbles a pass on any roll other than a natural 1 then he manages to keep hold of the ball instead of suffering a fumble and the team does not suffer a turnover.