A player with the Block skill is proficient at knocking opponents down. The Block skill, if used, affects the results rolled with the Block dice, as explained in the Blocking rules.
A player with this skill is capable of psyching themselves up so that they can take on even the very strongest opponent. The skill only works when the player attempts to block an opponent who is stronger than himself. When the skill is used, the coach of the player with the Dauntless skill rolls a D6 and adds it to his strength. If the total is equal to or lower than the opponent's Strength, the player must block using his normal Strength. If the total is greater, then the player with the Dauntless skill counts as having a Strength equal to his opponent's when he makes the block. The strength of both players is calculated before any defensive or offensive assists are added but after all other modifiers.
Dirty Player
A player with this skill has trained long and hard to learn every dirty trick in the book. Add 1 to any Armour roll or Injury roll made by a player with this skill when they make a Foul as part of a Foul Action. Note that you may only modify one of the dice rolls, so if you decide to use Dirty Player to modify the Armour roll, you may not modify the Injury roll as well.
This player is very skilled at holding off would-be attackers. Opposing players may not follow-up blocks made against this player even if the Fend player is Knocked Down. The opposing player may still continue moving after blocking if he had declared a Blitz Action.
A player with this skill is a slavering psychopath who attacks his opponents in an uncontrollable rage. Unless otherwise overridden, this skill must always be used. When making a block, a player with this skill must always follow up if they can. If a 'Pushed' or 'Defender Stumbles' result was chosen, the player must immediately throw a second block against the same opponent so long as they are both still standing and adjacent. If possible the player must also follow up this second block. If the frenzied player is performing a Blitz Action then he must pay a square of Movement and must make the second block unless he has no further normal movement and cannot go for it again.
The player is an expert at kicking the ball and can place the kick with great precision. In order to use this skill the player must be set up on the pitch when his team kicks off. The player may not be set up in either wide zone or on the line of scrimmage. Only if all these conditions are met is the player then allowed to take the kick-off. Because his kick is so accurate, you may choose to halve the number of squares that the ball scatters on kick-off, rounding any fractions down (i.e., 1 = 0, 2-3 = 1, 4-5 = 2, 6 = 3).
Kick-off Return
A player on the receiving team that is not on the Line of Scrimmage or in an opposing tackle zone may use this skill when the ball has been kicked. It allows the player to move up to 3 squares after the ball has been scattered but before rolling on the Kick-Off table. Only one player may use this skill each kick-off. This skill may not be used for a touchback kick -off and does not allow the player to cross into the opponent's half of the pitch.
Pass Block
A player with this skill is allowed to move up to three squares when the opposing coach announces that one of his players is going to pass the ball (but not a bomb). The opposing coach may not change his mind about passing once Pass Block's use is declared. The move is made out of sequence, after the range has been measured, but before any interception attempts have been made. A player may not make the move unless able to reach a legal destination and may not follow a route that would not allow them to reach a legal destination. A legal destination puts the player in a position to attempt an interception, an empty square that is the target of the pass, or with his tackle zone on the thrower or catcher. The player may not stop moving until he has reached a legal destination, has been held fast by Tentacles or has been Knocked Down. The special move is free, and in no way affects the player's ability to move in a subsequent action. The move is made using all of the normal rules and skills and the player does have to dodge in order to leave opposing players' tackle zones. Players with Pass Block may use this skill against a Dump Off pass. If a player performing a Pass Block in their own turn is Knocked Down then this is a turnover, no other players may perform Pass Block moves, and your turn ends as soon as the results of the pass and the block are resolved.
A player with this skill is a hardened veteran. Such players are called professionals or Pros by other Blood Bowl players because they rarely make a mistake. Once per turn, a Pro is allowed to re-roll any one dice roll he has made other than Armour, Injury or Casualty, even if he is Prone or Stunned. However, before the re-roll may be made, his coach must roll a D6. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6 the re-roll may be made. On a roll of 1, 2 or 3 the original result stands and may not be re-rolled with a skill or team re-roll; however you can re-roll the Pro roll with a Team re-roll.
The player may use this skill when a player performing an Action on the opposing team moves out of any of his tackle zones for any reason. The opposing player rolls 2D6 adding their own player's movement allowance and subtracting the Shadowing player's movement allowance from the score. If the final result is 7 or less, the player with Shadowing may move into the square vacated by the opposing player. He does not have to make any Dodge rolls when he makes this move, and it has no effect on his own movement in his own turn. If the final result is 8 or more, the opposing player successfully avoids the Shadowing player and the Shadowing player is left standing. A player may make any number of shadowing moves per turn. If a player has left the tackle zone of several players that have the Shadowing skill, then only one of the opposing players may attempt to shadow him.
Strip Ball
When a player with this skill blocks an opponent with the ball, applying a 'Pushed' or 'Defender Stumbles' result will cause the opposing player to drop the ball in the square that they are pushed to, even if the opposing player is not Knocked Down.
Sure Hands
A player with the Sure Hands skill is allowed to re-roll the D6 if he fails to pick up the ball. In addition, the Strip Ball skill will not work against a player with this skill.
Opposing players who are standing in any of this player's tackle zones are not allowed to use their Dodge skill if they attempt to dodge out of any of the player's tackle zones, nor may they use their Dodge skill if the player throws a block at them and uses the Tackle skill.
The player is specially trained in grappling techniques. This player may use Wrestle when he blocks or is blocked and a 'Both Down' result on the Block dice is chosen by either coach. Instead of applying the 'Both Down' result, both players are wrestled to the ground. Both players are Placed Prone in their respective squares even if one or both have the Block skill. Do not make Armour rolls for either player. Use of this skill does not cause a turnover unless the active player was holding the ball.