A player who has the Catch skill is allowed to re-roll the D6 if he fails a catch roll. It also allows the player to re-roll the D6 if he drops a hand-off or fails to make an interception.
Diving Catch
The player is superb at diving to catch balls others cannot reach and jumping to more easily catch perfect passes. The player may add 1 to any catch roll from an accurate pass targeted to his square. In addition, the player can attempt to catch any pass, kick off or crowd throw-in, but not bouncing ball, that would land in an empty square in one of his tackle zones as if it had landed in his own square without leaving his current square. A failed catch will bounce from the Diving Catch player's square. If there are two or more players attempting to use this skill then they get in each other's way and neither can use it.
Diving Tackle
The player may use this skill after an opposing player attempts to dodge out of any of his tackle zones. The player using this skill is Placed Prone in the square vacated by the dodging player, but do not make an Armour or Injury roll for them. The opposing player must then subtract 2 from his Dodge roll for leaving the player's tackle zone. If a player is attempting to leave the tackle zone of several players that have the Diving Tackle skill, then only one of the opposing players may use Diving Tackle. Diving Tackle may be used on a re-rolled dodge if not declared for use on the first Dodge roll. Once the dodge is resolved but before any armour roll for the opponent (if needed), the Diving Tackle Player is Placed Prone in the square vacated by the dodging play-er but do not make an Armour or Injury roll for the Diving Tackle player.
A player with the Dodge skill is adept at slipping away from opponents, and is allowed to re-roll the D6 if he fails to dodge out of any of an opposing player's tackle zones. However, the player may only re-roll one failed Dodge roll per turn. In addition, the Dodge skill, if used, affects the results rolled on the Block dice, as explained in the Blocking rules in the Blood Bowl book.
Jump Up
A player with this skill is able to quickly get back into the game. If the player declares any Action other than a Block Action he may stand up for free without paying the three squares of movement. The player may also declare a Block Action while Prone which requires an Agility roll with a +2 modifier to see if he can complete the Action. A successful roll means the player can stand up for free and block an adjacent opponent. A failed roll means the Block Action is wasted and the player may not stand up.
A player with the Leap skill is allowed to jump to any empty square within 2 squares even if it requires jumping over a player from either team. Making a leap costs the player two squares of movement. In order to make the leap, move the player to any empty square 1 to 2 squares from their current square and then make an Agility roll for the player. No modifiers apply to this D6 roll unless he has Very Long Legs. The player does not have to dodge to leave the square he starts in. If the player successfully makes the D6 roll then they make a perfect jump and may carry on moving. If the player fails the Agility roll then he is Knocked Down in the square that he was leaping to, and the opposing coach makes an Armour roll to see if he was injured. A player may only use the Leap skill once per turn.
Side Step
A player with this skill is an expert at stepping neatly out of the way of an attacker. To represent this ability, his coach may choose which square the player is moved to when he is pushed back, rather than the opposing coach. Furthermore, the coach may choose to move the player to any adjacent square, not just the three squares shown on the Push Back diagram. Note that the player may not use this skill if there are no open squares on the pitch adjacent to this player. Note that the coach may choose which square the player is moved to even if the player is Knocked Down after the push back.
Sneaky Git
This player has the quickness and finesse to stick the boot to a downed opponent without drawing a referee's attention unless he hears the armour crack. During a Foul Action a player with this skill is not ejected for rolling doubles on the Armour roll unless the Armour roll was successful.
The player may attempt to move up to three extra squares rather than the normal two when Going For It. His coach must still roll to see if the player is Knocked Down in each extra square he enters.
Sure Feet
The player may re-roll the D6 if he is Knocked Down when trying to Go For It. A player may only use the Sure Feet skill once per turn.